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2018 July Market UpdatesTuesday, Jul 17, 2018

  • Record Run for lumber pricing appears to have peaked and is beginning to recede.
  • Mill lead times are still long and transportation from mills remains challenging…
  • Warm Up with Hot Building Market in 2018Friday, Jan 26, 2018

    January Take Always:

  • Panel prices almost down to year-ago levels
  • A little relief on Lumber prices, but Western species (SPF, DF and Studs) still remain high
  • US Housing starts are up at the end of 2017
  • Housing demand remains strong
  • Construction is predicted to be strong in 2018
  • Lumber’s Record Pricing: Will it continue into 2018?Monday, Dec 11, 2017

    The end of the year gun has sounded.  Thanksgiving has come and gone and those of you who put up Christmas lights in late October your time is now.            …

    What is the Impact of Harvey?Thursday, Sep 07, 2017

    Last month it was wildfires in Canada and now Mother Nature 2.0 has stuck again with Hurricane Harvey along the Texas Coast.  While we are all thinking about those…

    Wasted Away AgainThursday, Sep 17, 2015

    If you had to describe a friend as “Wasted Away Again in Margaritaville”, or stranded in the Who’s “Teenage Wasteland”, or even that they “Wasted” years crying…

    A Tale of Two CottagesMonday, Jan 26, 2015

    Dickens' Remodel. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, . . ." Well, does that pretty…

    Secrets to Great BBQ & Building -- It's All in the wood.Tuesday, Nov 11, 2014

    I guess secrecy has always been a part of great cooking. Does your mother-in-law's recipe really contain every ingredient and step needed to duplicate her home…

    Wood Guaranteed Against Warp - Is that Possible?Wednesday, Aug 20, 2014

    So two studs go into a bar, . . . and a beautiful woman walks up to them and says "Hey big studs, I'm looking for somewood who will be straight and true, for I…

    Stock and Lumber Markets Soaring – Watch Your Lumber Budgets!Wednesday, Mar 06, 2013

    On Tuesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average went to an all-time high as investors continued to push up stock prices.  Some of that same bullish attitude has…

    Hidden Value of a Lean FramerThursday, Sep 20, 2012

     When we say “Lean Framer”, we’re not talking about Slim over there who disappears when he turns sideways.  We’re talking about the framing carpenter who understands and practices “lean building practices.”  “Lean” is the elimination of waste, in all forms (material, energy, time). Framers have a tremendous impact not only on the quality and structural integrity of the home, but also on one of the largest expense line items in the builder’s budget – framing lumber.

    How to Find the Lowest Total Cost LumberyardThursday, Aug 30, 2012

    Most of us have been tempted (particularly these last few years) to leap at promises of low, low prices - from energy providers to car insurance and everything in…