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Open Your Windows -- It's Summertime!Wednesday, Jun 07, 2017

Every year the end of school is a major event!  Sure there were holidays to enjoy but those were mere weeks compared to the MONTHS that awaited us.  Those last…

Here's Looking at You, KidMonday, Jun 13, 2016

A Passing Glance at Windows--Current Styles. What do you look for in windows? With many homes these days, windows seem designed to hardly be seen at all. With narrow muntin bars, large panes, thin frames, and moving glass walls, we are almost proud that they disappear. Clearly from the inside, we desire those unobstructed views to outdoor beauty and light. But are we now striving for the glass curtain walls of office buildings for our homes? La Cantina Moving Wall System

Bring the outdoors in.Friday, Jan 22, 2016

Bring the Outdoors In with Moving Glass Walls I still have the scene vividly imprinted in my mind of the villa on the Pacific side of Costa Rica where our group…