The primary purpose of interior mouldings are to visually reinforce the structural supports, to introduce scale and proportion to rooms, and to produce harmonious effects of light and shade. Done correctly, good mouldings enable visitors to read and understand the room - it just "feels right" and they can innately relate to the welcoming space.


Keys to Beautiful & Intresting Mouldings include a simple design with flat fillets or astragals (beads) separating any curved profiles; sharp edges for crisp sharp shadow lines; deeply cut incision in thicker mouldings to define the profile and create variations in tone with reflected light and shadows; substantial in size and deatil, but properly proportioned.

Radius Openings

Radius millwork is Davis-Hawn Architectural Millworks' specialty!  In addition to beautiful "straight" mouldings, Davis-Hawn manufactures full radius, eyebrow (or segmented arch) and elliptical casings, radius header jambs, convex and concave crowns, bases and panel moulds, paneled cased openings and many others. Visit our Custom Millworks Page for more.


We offer several lines of entry doors, interior doors and moving wall systems by Milgard and La Cantina. 


Paneling and Ceilings

Beamed ceilings originally were the exposed timber structure of a house, but are now used as a deisgn element of the home.

We mill and stock (Also Visit our Historical Millworks page):

- Beaded Ceiling (1"x4" & 1"x6"; Lengths 8' - 16')
- Bevel Siding (6" & 8"; Lengths 8' - 16')
- Pattern 105 Drop Siding (6" & 8"; Lengths 8' - 16')
- Shiplap (8"; Lengths 8' - 16')
- Lap & Gap Channel Groove available
- Pattern 116 Car Siding (6"; Lengths 8' - 16')
- Pattern 117 Novelty or Washboard Siding (6"; Lengths 8' - 16')
- Pattern 122 V-Groove (6" & 8"; Lengths 8' - 16')
- Tongue & Groove Pine Flooring (1"x4"; Lengths 8' - 16')
- Center Match Flooring/Decking (2"x6" & 2"x8"; Lengths 16')
- V-Groove available
- Barn Siding (1"x8"; Lengths 8',10' & 16')
- KP44 Knotty Pine Siding (1"x8" & 1"x10"; Lengths 8',10' & 16') - See Kitchen to the right.
- Log Cabin Siding (2”x6”; Lengths 16’)


The beauty and elegance of moudlings and finished carpentry are also found in their original functions.  For example, casing cover the join between door jambs and the drywall or plaster walls, the crown transition between the ceiling and wall, the base and the shoe between the wall and the floor.