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Proportion is everything when selecting columns for your house. Many columns produced today are not architecturally correct. Architects and discriminating builders have chosen Turncraft for over 40 years because of their crafted columns which closely follow the recommendations of “The American Vignola, The Five Orders”, by William R. Ware. The Five Orders of Architecture contains rules of proportion, beauty and order by 3,000 years of experimentation and refinement. The Greeks an d Romans intuitively looked to nature for these perfect orders of proportion and scale and confirmed that what is pleasing to man’s eye reflects what God has already created in nature and in the human form. Proportions, shape and designs of the capitals and bases are all important details.

Architecturally correct columns are gently tapered for the top 2/3 of the shaft (called entasis – which adds grace to the column) and non-tapered for the bottom 1/3. The shaft of the column should be aligned with the beam, or architrave (the main beam resting across the tops of columns, specifially the lower third of entablatures).

Getting columns right requires a detailed understanding of the classical Orders and their historical applications. Be sure to inquire about sizing, fluted or not, stacking, embedding and other questions regarding installation, use and care.