07 Jun 2017

Open Your Windows -- It's Summertime!

Every year the end of school is a major event!  Sure there were holidays to enjoy but those were mere weeks compared to the MONTHS that awaited us.  Those last couple of weeks were euphoric as the excitement and anticipation spread throughout the student body.  Then finally it was over and glorious SUMMER began!

Then one day in the middle of June you realize camp is 30 days out and the challenge you made to watch T.V. all day by jumping from one syndicated 60’s sitcom to another (still in the days of 6 stations) in an effort avoid soap operas, had been decoded…”Green Acres is the place for me..”

The same time school was letting out this year a similar scenario was happening in the Lumber Market.  The fanfare and media attention around the Softwood Lumber Dispute with Canada had prices rising.  However, when the attention faded, the market began to give back its gains and buyers re-assessed market conditions (softening demand, suspected over production etc.).  A pricing disconnect ensued between buyers and sellers.  It was not until the sellers loosen their grip that pricing began to adjust to buyer demand levels. “…Goodbye city life…”

Lumber Market June 2017Panel Market June 2017

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