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Recently, one of our customers had a problem he wasn’t sure how to solve.  Justin Bibb of Coats Homes was finishing out the intricate lattice details of a beautifully designed pool cabana and he approached us with some challenges. His carpenters had built a mock-up panel with traditional treated wood lattice and radius work, but immediately saw the limitations of that material and the difficulty in achieving the homeowner’s desired look.  His challenges included:

  • Durability and long-term beauty concerns with full exposure to the elements
  • Structural and durability questions about sagging/warping due to large size of lattice panels
  • Difficult oval “windows” in the panels with multiple joints and weight added to delicate lattice

Justin needed a creative solution and a trusted partner to help him build on his reputation for durable, timeless and beautiful craftsmanship.

The Solution.  Michael Morgan and his team at Davis-Hawn Architectural Millworks (DHAM) knew that AZEK was the perfect product from which to assemble the lattice and craft the intricate panel frames and oval windows. It provided low maintenance durability to handle the weather and enabled them to machine the frames and ovals in single pieces, perfect curves with no joints.  Taking the architect’s plans and jobsite measurements, Michael was able to draw each of the parts in CAD (including a creative jig from which to assemble the lattices) for our on-site CNC machining.
Azek for Coats Construction
Cooper Emory, DHAM’s shop foreman, expertly milled the parts and assembled the lattice with stainless steel fasteners and PVC exterior glues, while DHAM’s CNC precisely cut out the frames and oval parts. DHAM’s team was able to deliver the fully assembled lattice panels a day before promised, enabling Justin and his team of carpenters to easily install them the next day to the delight of his client.Azek Cabana