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We are Thankful for you!
In a pleasant show of unity and camaraderie, many of Dallas’ finest remodelers gathered Tuesday night at NARI’s annual Evening of Excellence. The awards event was rare because it gathered competitors together to celebrate and admire each other’s beautiful projects and to join together in their common goal of setting the highest standards for home remodeling in North Texas.


It struck me as interesting to watch each award winner, impeccably dressed, rise from the cheering crowd to accept their trophy – knowing that they have been toiling in relative obscurity all year in the messiness that is remodeling.  Like their gorgeous project videos, these remodelers clean up really well!

Most of the rest of the year, remodelers and small builders are in the trenches as perhaps the loneliest of entrepreneurs.  Not only must they be experts in construction science, estimating, managing subs, and satisfying clients, they must also run a complicated small business (often with little or no staff).  Just like our lumberyard and architectural millwork businesses, they must effectively handle marketing, sales, accounting, HR, contract management, regulatory compliance, billing and collections, and numerous other business functions.

Opportunities to rise above the day-to-day operations of the business and daydream about our purpose, culture, vision and strategy are absolutely essential.  Squeezed out by the urgency of the day, they will simply not happen unless the owner carves out and protects that time.  Award ceremonies are great for reflection, but even better are conferences and roundtables with peers that you are not competing against in your market. This allows us to learn from the best in the country, with much greater transparency and candid sharing of benchmark financial metrics and best practices.

Throughout my year, I have five conferences and roundtable events that are locked into my calendar.  I simply can’t afford to miss them because I desperately need to get away and think strategically about our business.  It simply won’t happen if I stay in Dallas. After networking with the best lumber dealers in the country, perhaps my favorite part is reviewing my notes on the plane trip home and prioritizing the wonderful ideas and initiatives that I have “discovered” (i.e. borrowed or stolen).

So as you are wrapping up this year and thinking of the next, what will fill up your 2020 calendar? Is it the International Builders Show in Vegas January 21-23? JLC Live in Providence March 18-21 or Portland December 4-6?  What new ideas, fresh inspiration and strategic, long-term thinking are you bringing to your business in 2020? We are thankful that we get to work with you, grateful for your business and hopeful for your future.

We wish you peace, joy and great success in your business!

Build to Last – on the jobsite and in your business,

~ Dave Reichert