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Delivery, Rapid In Yard PIck UP and Estimating Services

Services for contractors include on time in full (OTIF) deliveries, rapid in yard pick up (RIP)
and estimating services.

On-Time In Full (OTIF) Deliveries

“What you want when you need it – we make it happen”!  OTIF is a metric that Davis-Hawn embraces that is like a report card on how well we are executing and delivering on our promises.  It is the commitment that we make to our customers – to be trustworthy and reliable, so you can schedule your carpenters and count on us to deliver when promised.

With 24 hour turnaround for delivery of in-stock products (along with hot-shot capabilities when needed), and reasonable lead times for special order materials, Davis-Hawn consistently meets its delivery promises, with over 95% OTIF scores in each of the last three years.

On-Time- Whether 1st Drop, AM, PM or Last Run, we track our performance

In-Full – means no backorders, missing or damaged material from your list

OTIF Score = On-Time % x In-Full %


Rapid In Yard Pick Up (RIP)

Save time with our rapid in yard pick up. Pick up your framing lumber and other building materials with our efficient in yard pick up. Our new lean system minimizes the wait time when you arrive for lumberyard pickup. We have designed our new RIP service to make it easy and efficient to assemble and load material, and then check out quickly.  Fork truck drivers are able to quickly and accurately pick and stage deliveries, while safely improving the flow of drive-through visitor traffic. Get in, get out and back to the job site with your materials in a timely manner!

Rapid turnarounds are part of our mission to have a “lean culture” over the last few years. By applying lean to the layout of our lumberyard, the expected benefits are efficiency gains of up to 25%-30% in receiving, material handling and load building time, with similar reductions in forklift travel time and miles.

Read more about how 5s is being incorporated throughout the Davis-Hawn culture on our blog.

Estimating Services

Davis-Hawn is pleased to assist its current and prospective customers in developing estimates and quoting current prices for budget purposes on their upcoming projects. In our experience, the most accurate way to estimate lumber for a project is (1) for the builder and framer to first agree upon lumber specs (species and grades) for each component, (2) for the framer to work up a detailed material takeoff, (3) to have competing quality-oriented lumberyards price out the exact same list (no substitutions allowed), and (4) then for the builder to use his training, experience and common sense to determine who he wants to do business with and what a reasonable budget number should be. Please see our building material supplier resources for more information on lumber estimating or contact us to further determine its limitations, its risks, and how to better manage it for greater profitability and fewer headaches.

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