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ACM Acquisition – Iconic Architectural Supply Company Now Part of Davis-Hawn Family

Though Davis-Hawn has been in business since 1923, we were basically starting over in 1999 as the “little guy” in town when I naively bought the business from Wirt Davis.  Lacking any experience in building supply or manufacturing, I was hungry for knowledge and sought out advice from those who had gone before.  Eventually that quest led me to the Dean of Dallas lumber – Ben Calvary.  He and his wife Dorothy founded Architectural Carpentry Materials in 1973 (out of their garage, of course), and he built ACM as a specialized supplier of “Good Wood” to craftsmen carpenters and quality builders.  Ben only wanted to supply the best – #1 Grade Yellow Pine, Vertical Grain KD Douglas Fir, Clear Cedar, KDAT #1 Treated Pine, high grade plywoods – all from the top mills that he had personally visited.

My wife’s grandfather, Lewis Harper, who was a life-long lumberman, actually finished up his career working for Ben at ACM.  I greatly admired Ben’s business and would stop by every few months and talk shop with him.  I know Ben eyed me with suspicion as a young “friendly competitor”, but he was kind and relatively patient (he wouldn’t let me wander around though).  I loved the mentoring that he provided in his stories and wise words.  All the best builders acknowledged that no one in town knew lumber better than Ben.


I quickly learned that in this big Dallas market we could not “be all things to all people” – we had to specialize.  With expensive capital equipment, land and inventory requirements (and my shallow pockets), big production builders were out of the question.  And so, we focused on the niche that also happened to interest me the most – higher-end custom builders and remodelers. We recognized that our knowledge, products, inventory quality, on-time in-full service requirements, and delivery equipment must be specialized to satisfactorily service these customers. It was basically Ben’s model, but we broadened it a bit.

Little did I know that one day I would have the opportunity to actually own and operate the specialty lumberyard that I had admired for decades.  On September 2nd, ACM became the newest member of the Davis-Hawn family of companies!  We are extremely excited and proud to build upon the great business that Ben and Dot built over the last 50 years, and to continue to uphold the traditions of ACM – nothing but the best architectural carpentry materials for the builders and craftsmen whose projects and customers demand it.

As we are upgrading computer systems, buying new equipment, building up inventory and re-organizing the yard layout at ACM, we’ll be excited to bring you updates soon about our entire family of companies:

  • Davis-Hawn Lumber Co. (est. 1923) – full-service lumberyard and hardware store
  • Davis-Hawn Architectural Millworks, LLC (2010) – milling custom mouldings and radius millwork
  • Lynn Floyd Architectural Millwork, Inc. (1978) – building custom doors and wood windows
  • Architectural Carpentry Materials, LLC (1973) – specialty lumberyard with “Good Wood”

All of these companies are committed to serving you well and helping you Build to Last.