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Brian Baggett, Architect Rep from Sierra Pacific will present.

Course Description:

Learn about various aspects of energy efficient glazing. Emphasis is placed on the insulating effects, solar heat gain, visible transmittance, condensation resistance, and fading coefficients. Important health issues include the resistance to condensation which can lead to virus and bacteria. Safety issues include the use of tempered and laminated glass in hazardous areas. Visible light transmittance includes the clarity and natural light that effects the wellbeing of the building occupants.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss how glazing and Low-E coatings help retain radiant energy heat in building.
  • Determine how glazing and Low-E coatings can omit or allow solar energy to enter the building.
  • Understand how visible light transmittance is important to the wellbeing of the building occupants.
  • Review interior condensation and how it can be reduced with the use of proper glazing, coatings, and warm edge spacer bars.

Credit: AIA HSW

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