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Serving homeowners, contractors, remodelers and historical preservationists with the products needed for project completion.

Fasteners, Adhesives, Sealants

You next residential or commercial project needs to be built to last. This means you need fasteners, adhesives and sealants that are designed for maximum performance for all types of surfaces, including wood, metal, plastic and composites. Thankfully, we carry all the products you need
for your next home or commercial project.


Fasteners help you build your project to last. From nails and screws to brackets and hinges, we have everything you need for your new shed, room addition or built-in shelves.

  • Screws, bolts and nails
  • Brackets and hangers
  • Hinges and straps
  • Staples and brads


Structural stability often starts with the right adhesives. Applying a thin layer of adhesive before you bolt,  nail, screw or staple can help stabilize the pieces and ensure long-lasting durability of the finished product.

  • Superglue
  • Construction glue
  • Epoxy
  • Wood, plastic and metal glues
  • Specialty adhesives, Goop, JB Weld and E6000


Caulks and sealants help protect your floors, bath fixtures, window and doors from water infiltration and damage. Sealants for counters and floors help protect against scratches and stains.

  • Kitchen and bath caulk
  • Concrete and mortar caulk
  • Window and door caulk
  • Roof and shingle flashing caulk and sealants
  • Epoxy sealants and coatings for concrete, stone and wood



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