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In order to be a high performing, productive and efficient company, Davis-Hawn has been developing a “Lean” culture over the last few years.  The Lean concept began with Toyota manufacturing in the 1970’s, and is now defined as “a continuous, disciplined approach to systematically identify and eliminate sources of waste”.

Embracing 5s In the Millwork Shop

For Davis-Hawn, this lean journey began in the architectural millwork shop with the implementation of “5S”.  5S is a disciplined approach to clean, organize, and maintain all areas of our facility, and 5S stands for: Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain.

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What 5S means for Davis-Hawn employees:

  1. Easier Job – Makes my job easier and more enjoyable by solving what bugs me.
  2. SafetyShiny workspaces, sharp and well maintained tools prevent injuries.
  3. More Room – With all the unused tools and junk Sorted out, there’s more space.
  4. Less Frustrated – With everything Straightened, tools are easy to find every time.
  5. More Profits – Efficient work leads to higher profits, wages and bonuses.
  6. Right the First TimeSustainable Standards minimize defects and do-overs.
  7. Professional – Shop really impresses customers & prospects and makes us proud.

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Lumberyard Efficiency with Continual Improvement

More recently, Davis-Hawn further embraced Lean and the “Continual Improvement” concept by hiring a lean expert to extensively analyze sales, inventory and material handling data and completely re-organize the layout of our lumberyard.  The expected benefits are efficiency gains of up to 25-30% in receiving, material handling and load building time, with similar reductions in forklift travel time and miles. In addition to 5S, Davis-Hawn is employing Lean tools like Visual Management, Error-Proofing, Versatile Workers, Rapid Turnarounds and Metrics to eliminate wastes, improve efficiency and continually improve.

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Impact on Customers

What this means to you, our customers, is that we are a growing company who is committed to continuing to improve to serve you better – it’s an important part of our culture.  It also makes Davis-Hawn a much safer and more enjoyable place to work. Happy employees make happy customers!