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Michael Morgan has led Davis-Hawn Architectural Millworks since 2010.

What experience did you have as a craftsmen before joining Davis-Hawn and how did it prepare you to lead DHAM?
I owned & operated a cabinet & trim shop in Midland for 24 years before coming to the Metroplex. I spent the next five years working for a shop in Rowlett that produced all kinds of radius trim and jambs. With the majority of my experience being in the field installation side of the industry, I believe it gave me a unique perspective on how to produce parts to make the installation of our products as easy and simple as possible for our customers.

How many craftsmen do you have working now in the shop?
Currently we have 5 full time craftsmen in our shop as well as our Assistant Manager, Cooper Emery, who helps with production when necessary.

What has been a recent project that you were really challenged or excited by?
All of our projects are exciting in their own way. We have several “full house” projects going right now that are fantastic projects individually, but present a challenge in complexity, that is testing our systems and standard operating procedures (SOPs). We are excited to be working with a unique wood species named Zebrawood on one our projects right now.

Why is radius moulding such an art?
I believe that all mouldings are an expression of the Architect’s artistic design – but when you add the element of radius or elipse to the shape it becomes even more impressive. The difficulty of producing near perfect radius moulding lies in the fact that your blank parts must be a perfect fit to the jamb before you can profile the wood to the finished shape. We utilize CAD & CAM software for our CNC in the effort to produce as close to perfect reveals and sizes as humanly possible.

What do you see as the trends in architectural design right now?
Our experience over the last few has years has indicated a trend of blending very traditional architecture with distinct elements of contemporary details. Many of the remodels that we have been a part of have honored the traditional exterior of the homes while transforming the interiors into a very sleek contemporary living space. We do still see a very robust volume of traditional new homes being built in our market that are being adorned by beautiful custom drawn profiles by our elite pool of local architects.

Why/How does moulding enhance the architecture of a room?
I love Dave Reichert’s description of moulding as the “Jewelry” that accents the interior of a home. I see the “trim” as the Architect/Designers “signature” of completion of their vision for the home. When designed correctly, the moulding in the house creates the lines & shadows that define the atmosphere that the room is intended to be used for.

Technology or Craftsmanship?
The answer is BOTH! In my opinion, todays craftsmen MUST be willing to embrace technology or face extinction.  I have worked long enough in this industry to have seen the birth of digital tools for the woodworking trades. Today, if you build cabinets, it is NOT optional to use a CNC. You have one or else you forfeit the ability to grow your business in this competitive market. In the custom millwork business, virtually every tool used has some electronic or digital component to it. With that said, I believe there will never be a tool that can replace the experience and skills of a craftsman that loves working with wood. Tools are only as effective as the person operating the controls.

Favorite architectural style?

Davis-Hawn Architectural Millworks has over 3,500 knives for custom moulding profiles.  We also have a 3D printer to produce a sample of your desired profile. Contact Michael to come see our collection or design your own. michaeltm@davis-hawn.com, 214-946-8123