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Scrolling Netflix the other night, I stumbled upon an interesting Norwegian film called Kon-Tiki. Though my wife thought it slow (like some of my favorite Westerns, she commented), I’ve always been fascinated by adventure and exploration stories. I guess when you set off in 1947 on a balsa wood raft from Peru hoping to drift on the currents across the Pacific to the Polynesian Islands, that actually is a bit slow! Spoiler alert–over 101 days, shark attacks and 4,300 miles, they lived to tell about it.

Adrift.  New Years and birthdays, funerals and health scares, tornados and the threat of war – what does it take to shake us up and recognize when we are just drifting along in the current?  I think it hits people at different times, events or stages of life (some never perhaps), that this brief time we have on earth is flashing by.  So busy, so rushed, so pressured, but to what end?

Goal-Setting.  It’s now that time of year when we are supposed to have our goals set for 2020.  Some resolutions are still holding fast (this diet is no fun at all!).  Coming off a good year in which we met most of our goals, I am struggling in prioritizing this year.  Sure, there are sales and profitability goals, critical for the long-term health and survival of any business, but there’s got to be more.  What course do we need to chart?  Surely we’re not going to allow ourselves to just be blown about again, are we?

In my early years in this business, we drifted along like Kon-Tiki.  I tell myself that I was young and didn’t know any better (though I had been warned).  It worked fine as the breezes were at our back from 1999-2007, but not so great in the typhoon of the Great Recession.  Battered and bruised, we have substantially re-rigged since then.  Goals, budgets, financial accountability, metrics, roundtables, and OKR’s are now the norm.

The Next Economic Storm.  I’m not sure when that next typhoon will form, but I am straining my eyes on the horizon to try to see it.  Chances are it will surprise us, but I want to be as prepared as possible.  What does that look like?  Well first of all, I don’t want to be a raft!  Please make me a sleek sailing ship or power boat where I may be able to steer around it, or at least power through the waves head on.  And I’d like a well-trained, committed and experienced crew to help navigate the course and save our ship when the swells rise.

So, as I write this blog, perhaps my priorities for the business are becoming clearer.  We’re going to continue to grow and strengthen this ship, train our crew and drill, drill, drill.  Here’s to 2020 – the year of clear vision and execution!

Happy New Year.  Our wish is that 2020 is a wonderful year of smooth sailing for you and your business!  Please let us know how we can help you be more successful and profitable and meet your goals. Thanks for your business, we look forward to serving you again this year!

Build to Last,

~ Dave Reichert